Symposium Fabrication Gap 18/19 April 2024

Two-day symposium and panel discussions on how we can industrialize the construction industry, bringing together architects, engineers, clients, and consultants. 

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We know that the construction industry has had virtually no growth in productivity in decades. The sector is responsible for over 15% of carbon emissions and over 50% of all landfill waste, while we have been struggling to build faster, leaner, and better. Modular construction has largely been unsuccessful. For decades, it has been seen as the best way to industrialize the construction industry, however, apart from just a few examples, its impact has been negligible, and the desired transformation of our industry has not taken place.

We need a rethink.

We need to involve the construction supply chain, which has developed a deep level of industrial production over time, and feed their solutions into the design at a much earlier point in the process. As a part of that approach, we must solve the interfaces between the different trades and systems. In turn, we must completely rethink how a kit of parts is assembled.

At the symposium, we will present and discuss with a broad range of experts an approach that brings all these considerations together. It will integrate supply-chain solutions while also allowing the construction industry to innovate. It will create standards focusing on interoperability and interface solutions while remaining open-source. It will use technology to facilitate the integration of different system solutions.

Closing the fabrication gap will allow a reduction in construction times while also increasing the quality of what we are building. In designing for an integrated, industrialized construction process, we will allow for individual architectural expression rather than creating the need for generic standardization.


Chris Kaufield, Vice President of SaaS Growth, Stoke Space, Seattle

Fabian Scheurer, Professor for Digital Construction Technology and Fabrication, Partner at Design-to-Production, München


Melike Altinisik, Founder, Melike Altinisik Architects

Al Fisher, Head of Design Technology, Buro Happold

David Flynn, Co-founder and COO, Kope, London

Matthew Holloway, Principal, Grimshaw

Christian Kaufmann, Managing Director, Kaufmann Bausysteme

Mareike Lamm, Partner, Sauerbruch Hutton Friedrich Ludewig, Founding Director, Acme, London

Viviana Muscettola, Director, Zaha Hadid Architects, London

Maria Mateo Navarro, Head of Creative Design, ECE, Hamburg

Wolfgang Rieder, CEO, Rieder Gruppe

Jonathan Roynon, Lead, Industrial Construction, Buro Happold

Roland Sitzberger, Partner, Porsche Consulting

Erlend Spets, Associate Partner, McKinsey, Oslo

Daniel Wright, Associate Partner, RSHP, London