Andrei Gheorghe
Mag.arch. Dr. techn. MArch

Andrei is teaching in the Structural Department at the Institute of Architecture / University of Applied Arts Vienna .

Previously he was Assistant Professor in Architecture at Portland State University USA, where he developed pedagogy and research in digital media and fabrication. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and after being awarded the Fulbright Scholarship at Harvard University, where he graduated with distinction and received the Harvard GSD Digital Design Prize.

Andrei has taught at various institutions such as Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, SCI-ARC Los Angeles and Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he offered architectural design studios in the Career Discovery Program. Previously, he worked for national and international architecture and structural engineering offices such as Jakob + MacFarlane Paris, Riegler Riewe, Jabornegg&Pallfy, Karlheinz Wagner Wien, dEcoi Paris and Foreign Office Architects (FOA) London.

Between 2011 and 2020 he was a regular writer for the bilingual architecture journal “Architektur Aktuell”. His research focus lies at the interface of design & technology in architecture, structures and digital media, a topic he lectured on at multiple institutions and conferences, and for which he was awarded the Harvard Digital Design Award in 2009 and the international AZ Award in 2015. Andrei completed his PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under the supervision of Hani Rashid and Klaus Bollinger in 2019.

He is a licensed architect and a founding members of GHEORGHE Strategy . Architecture . Research, a platform with primary interest in the expression and strategic development of integrated design approaches. The office conceptual and built work has been published internationally and includes design work for private clients, interactive urban furnitures and research projects for the municipality of Vienna and urban masterplan designs in Austria and abroad.